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I got some STM32 Bluepill boards that I'm playing with.
Managed to upload the boot-loader with ST32Cube programmer.
I'm a bit uncertain if i have used the correct boot-loader for the Arduino IDE. Can anybody please advice about what boot-loader to use?
There is also the issue that windows dont recognize the device. I have done the R10 modification and using a 1k8 resistor.

I'm a not certain that it is genuine chip on the board. Have been googling a bit and it seems to have the correct memory size.

Can anybody send me a link with an updated description on how to get the Bluepill running in Arduino IDE?


I have programmed various blue and black pill boards using Arduino IDE, but have never bothered to try to get a bootloader to work. Instead I have a few cheap STLINK clones (as well as a few "real" STLINKs on Nucleo boards). That will give you a bit more available flash as none of it needs to be taken up by the bootloader.

Using STLINK also leaves the door open for some real serious debugging using an IDE that supports that. 

In any event, you would probably be better off asking here: https://www.stm32duino.com/

Read the details here: https://github.com/rogerclarkmelbourne/STM32duino-bootloader
Try the file  generic_boot20_pc13.bin, and  gd32f1_generic_boot20_pc13.bin

I'll agree better off using stlink if you can, in combination with visual micro/visualgdb/PlatformIO.


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