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STM32F4 Discovery Board running .NET MicroFramework

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Maybe not useful but interesting, I assume this will also work on the STM32F3 board (size)?
Ordered a STM32F3DISCOVERY today (14Euro, delivery 22 dec  :o) maybe I change it to STM32F4DISCOVERY.

do i really need .NET?

"As someone who used to get BSOD's often, I was quite pleased that during a recent deployment hangup, it did not crash my system..."

High praise for software indeed.

Why on earth would someone run MS server software on an embedded device?


--- Quote from: poptones on October 23, 2012, 06:53:34 pm ---Why on earth would someone run MS server software on an embedded device?

--- End quote ---
No kidding. Putting javascript on that thing would be much more interesting.  :P

Well it needs to be attached to something in order for javascript to be useful. And .net allows for that, but it seems there would be many other ways to go with this thing. I guess the issue really is that I just don't understand why someone would run MS software - especially .net when MS itself will inevitably be phasing it out. Skillsets like php and apache and perl and python and java are much more transportable than a proprietary niche product like .net. And yes I realize some big players use it, but once you get outside that handful of "big players" it's very much a niche. Mono, the open source version, is disappearing from the open source radar as more and more distro makers realize what a stupid idea it was from the start. The last thing I want running on my server is a pile of .exe files.

Addendo: After reading through that article I am laughing to myself at all those folks who say linux is complicated. Yeesh.


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