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This add-on module, can I remake it?

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This is my test analyzer,The manufacturer has stopped providing after-sales support and calibration services.
I wish to make these add-on modules,But I don't know how to proceed, I would be grateful if you could help me

I disassembled the motherboard,The main MCU is a NEC D70320L,The main program is stored in M27C1001, and the calibration data is stored in AT28C64B.I took a photo of the motherboard.I read the firmware.

In the manual I read that it has 3 enhanced modules,The module and the host are connected through the DB15 interface,I disassembled the motherboard and followed the connection sequence of the DB15 interface to find DB25 on the motherboard and its corresponding connection.I tried to draw part of the motherboard schematic diagram.The U10 chip is a ULN2803A chip, and the U24 chip is a 74HC244N chip.It looks like the U10 chip is the high voltage reed relay and it's connected(my guess).

I got its user manual and service manual on the internet (service manual--schematics and pictures missing, and in Spanish)
user manual-->https://www.medwrench.com/documents/view/5647/fluke-biomedical-454a-dni-nevada-operators-manual
service manual-->https://mega.nz/file/OR01GZ6B#laQVZXlft00HI4faVpFJPNsceR_PI1TAKDzA-UbVht0

I shot a video introduction to the host system

I further drew the schematic diagram, I don’t know if it will be helpful for analysis.
If someone can read the firmware, there may be new clues.

As seen in the main menu I don't know what the "AUXILIARY" option goes into since I don't have the add-on module.

If someone can reverse compile the firmware, firmware might be able to find a clue.

Looking forward to anyone who can help me, thanks

Is anyone able to read the firmware?I don't know how this firmware works

Is anyone able to reverse engineer the firmware? I've been waiting for help, thanks


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