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LED panel model -> F3 LIGHT with a total of 16 columns and 8 rows of LEDs. 5v power and controlled by an Atmega 88 and being excited by 2 TLC5940. I have 4 equal panels and some are with the TLC5940 (some are burned) and other panels are with the Atmega 88 burned. My question is whether I can make a copy of the good atmega and save it to the new integrated atmega 8

If it is possible to copy the contents of the atmega 88 already recorded and record on the other virgin atmega the same content, if possible, which device I can use or who knows how to build a device that allows me to perform this procedure.

I have 4 multiplexed LED panels controlled by atmega 8 and TLC5940 that one of the panels is good and the other 3 are with the atmega burned. What I need would be to use the good microcontroller as a reference to record the other burnt microcontrollers (buying the new atmega). It's possible ?

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Re: Tricolor microcontroller led panel by atmega 88 that do not access
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Most likely you will not be able to read the program memory of those microcontrollers.  They will likely have the lock bits set to prevent this.

If you want to try anyway and you have an Arduino handy then you can program it with firmware that will allow you to read/write the memory in the Atmel MCU using a program called avrdude.

All of this is pretty advanced stuff so expect a lot of headaches if you have never done this sort of thing before.

YouTube has a bunch of videos on this.  Search it for "arduino isp programmer".
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