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TSMC building huge water treatment plant

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One factor overlooked when considering the worldwide semi shortage is that Taiwan has been in drought, the worst one in 50 years and TSMC need a LOT of water for mcu manufacturing.

"According to TSMC the plant will be the world’s first such advanced industrial wastewater treatment centre.
The intention is that it could eventually supply ultimately nearly half of TSMC’s daily need for water."


Semiconductor fabs have a history of being in conflict with their neighbours, because they have not cleaned up their waste water adequately, and end up seriously polluting the ground water. Water quality law suits are a staple of the semiconductor industry lawyer's business.

TSMC is going to build 6 new plants in Arizona..
Has Arizona got enough water?


--- Quote from: imo on May 17, 2021, 06:43:50 pm ---TSMC is going to build 6 new plants in Arizona..
Has Arizona got enough water?

--- End quote ---
It must have. Have you flown into Pheonix and seen all the swimming pools? :)

The semiconductor fabs use a lot of water, but essentially all the water they use comes out as waste water. Very little water is actually build into the chips.
I would also not expect the water coming out to be very dirty - at least not much of it.

In the desert areas they are used to recycling the water. E.g. the Rio Grande recieves way more waste water than finally reaches the ocean.


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