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two ADC on different ground potential

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I wonder is there any other method than opto-isolation, when I need to connect 2 ADC to one mcu, and each of them have different ground potential ?

Ps. English is not my native language so if I make some terrible language disaster, I'm sorry ;)

if they have different ground potential then how do you power them ? What kind of interface they use? Do You need them to be isolated or it's just a problem of different levels ?

Transformer or opto isolation, depends on the signal you are capturing. Analog Device make isolated amplifiers

So, situation is look like this: I need to measure output of two DC symmetric output power supply, and each of them have different ground level.
So, the problem is different ground potential. I can use opt-isolation and power each of adc from measured power supply, but I think it's not so elegant solution...

Easy way would be to use voltage to frequency converters via optocouplers, use MCU to measure frequency. Various chips do this, VCO or VtoF

Check out this chip, and application on page 9 of the data sheet



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