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Using a microcontroller as a Pushbutton

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I have this device that uses a momentary pushbutton.  I want to replace the manual activation of this button with an automated closing of the switch, using an AtMega328p.   

Will I need a solid-state relay?   The switch needs to be shorted, but I think I should isolate its voltage levels from the main board, right?

In general a relay is a good idea.

What voltage and current are you talking about?
The voltage and current a microcontroller can supply is very limited.

If you don't need isolation, a transistor can be sufficient too.

Watch out with how much current you need to operate the relay, especially if you add multiple relays to the microcontroller.

Use a normal relay - then you are not sure about the rest off the circuit.

You can use an optoisolator if you like. Will not be as power hungry as a relay if you just want to switch a signal.

Options are: normal relay, opto-isolator, and transistor.  The choice depends on the current that will likely be flowing through the switch.  Got it.

Thank you very much for your answers, folks!


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