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Veswin electronics any good to order from?


Have you heard about this brand and contact with them?  :o Any comment´╝č

No experience with them but they seem to be another sourcing company, stock nothing, get everything.
Take care, a lot of these companies source from the grey market, you pays your money and you takes your chances.

No, never heard of them, but as they do not show any prices, get the impression they are more trade suppliers.

Plenty of other UK good suppliers we have used for many years   -

Switch Electronics,  Rapid Electronics,   Hobby Components to name but a few aimed at the hobbyist.

RS, Farnells, CPC  the big names for the trade but also happy to deal with online hobbyists.

I know veswin, it is a famous Hongkong distributor of electronic component, not a brand. But they has many years of experience to distribute popular brands like TI, ST, NXP, etc. Good communition with them.


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