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Voltage spikes on PIC ADC PIN.

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--- Quote from: SajjadBro on February 10, 2012, 12:08:33 pm ---As you can see in the image the original power cable has an option for the earth pin but its not installed actually. but i will do as u said.

--- End quote ---
This looks like a CEE 7/7 plug. The hole would match the ground pin of a French socket. The metal on the sides would connect to ground in German sockets. It may not fit grounded sockets in your country, but it's clearly designed to work with grounded sockets.

Ok , i have made many experiments on PIC16f87x series. I have separated the Analog and Digital ground.All extra pins are set to digital input and are grounded. Earth connection was there, Ran my circuit even on battery.

When PWM is on then there is error even up to 4 -6 bits.
When PWM is off then the error is none.

I didn't believe myself and always thought that i am doing something wrong but accidentally when i visited the microchip site for this controller, its was written "Not Recommended". Well this chip have some problem and i will try another chip of another model in future for that. for now i have turned off the PWM.

If you guys faced the similar problem then do share. thanks.


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