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Does anyone have a suggestion for a volt/ammeter chip or microcontroller to measure up to 50v 1a?

What kind of resolution?
What kind of speed?
What kind of isolation?
What kind of interface?

Simple solution assuming you already have a micro with ADC and don't need isolation (pretty much any uC will work):
         Resistor divide the 50V down to whatever the uC ADC can read.  Watch out for wattage on the resistors.
         Sense the 1A across a resistor and feed that back to a uC ADC.  Again watch out for wattage.

If you need isolation on the voltage sense, look into isolation-amplifiers for the voltage like:
You can use those isolation amps on the current across the resistor as well.

If you need isolation on the current and don't need super high resolution, check out hall sensors like:

I need roughly .9 resolution with maybe the speed of a cheap multimeter. As far as interface goes how do you mean?


--- Quote from: robertj352003 on January 06, 2013, 09:31:00 am ---As far as interface goes how do you mean?

--- End quote ---

Where do you want the results to go?

Any microcontroller with an ADC should be able to handle this. You need less than 8 bits of resolution.

Maybe some prebuilt panel meters from China are more appropriate for your project though?


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