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WANTED: 'microcontroller' which has PCIe

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Looking for a "microcontroller" (can I call it a micro?  perhaps just "controller") which supports PCIe, either as a host or a peripheral (ideally both). 
Other nice to haves:

- cheap
- free IDE
- onboard ram?
- ??

Any ideas would be appreciated.

https://rockpi.org/rockpi4  has a M2 PCIe slot

Raspberry4 Compute Module has PCIe

Rpi4 can be modified to connect to PCIe riser cards (very informative site):

Rumours say that a rPi model 4A is in the works that replaces the USB3 chipset with a PCIe connector:

As I said, I don't know of any microcontroller with PCIe. Someone else may, but I kind of doubt that exists.

I think someone gave you interface ICs that you could add to some MCU to give you PCIe access. I've never used any, and most of those seem to be chinese parts with no docs in English? Dunno.

spostma mentioned fully-assembled SBCs. Doesn't look like what you're looking for. Besides, they would support PCIe host but not peripheral, AFAIK. The SOCs on those boards are very far from microcontrollers. They are SOCs, that usually require signing with your blood (and promise of 100s of thousands of parts a year) for the vendor to give you access to documentation and SDKs, if you ever wanted to develop your own boards with them.

Of course, one option you have it to use a soft core on a mid-range FPGA. Many mid-range FPGAs support PCIe and have ample resources for embedding a decent soft core at a reasonable price. ($20-$40?)

In any case, define "cheap"?
Unless you make 100k+ products a year, nothing giving you PCIe support will be "cheap". But give us a price range.

There are a few FPGAs with PCIe. You can add a "realtime" softcore. now the fpga might meet your cost requrements but cheap has a lot of adjacent meaning. Consider that no PCIe development is cheap, it is a protocol designed to push humongous amounts of data between chips that are quite complex. good luck implementing the software layer on bare metal.

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