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--- Quote from: MT on March 10, 2023, 12:05:48 am ---
... and configuration before going to bed), and the contents of ... :)

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If you put your ear to it when shutting down you can hear it beep and buzz a little lullaby.  :-DD


With a bit cursed github workflow, I've got someones GPL-lettered openocd fork to build windows binaries.


v003 confirmed to work and open eclipse debug session.
No idea about the rest as I don't own those and cfg scripting is cursed similarly to code quality (even compared to extracts from MRS).

EDIT: it turns out that it requires proprietary drivers to work (enumerate as WCH-LinkRV instead of WCH-Link). Zadig WinUSB doesn't work.

some notes after briefly debugging this thing:

- debugger cannot step over `ebreak` instructions (single step as well as "continue" option). However eclipse breakpoints do work. Probably something with openocd code.

- MIE csr register is non functional

- `mie` bit can be written (high) by csr instructions only when it's written together with `mpie` (must write 0x88 instead of 0x08).
Debugger can however write `mie` bit without touching `mpie`

- after a hard reset (remove power, short vcc to gnd), sometimes the `mpop` and `mppop` are set in `mstatus` register

- 0x744 in `ra` after hard reset (anyone else?)

Finally got the startup code a bit more optimized than the vendor one.

while(1) is 208 bytes with static initializers (194 without), and blinky (volatile delay)  is 286 bytes.

ED: now it's 202, 188, and 280 bytes


--- Quote from: jnk0le on May 06, 2023, 06:19:49 pm ---- MIE csr register is non functional

--- End quote ---

That's because it doesn't have an MIE register (nor MIP). The list of supported CSR registers can be found in the WCH QingKeV2 CPU manual.

Interrupt enable/disable/status are controlled by the proprietary PFIC peripheral using the PFIC_* registers (I say 'proprietary', but it's basically a clone of the STM32F103's NVIC).


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