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what should happen when you plug in a PIC microcontroller?

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Ok so not sure if this is still the right thread for this but following problem:
I soldered some wires to the PIC (PGD, PGC and MCLR, as well as VDD and VSS at a closeby usb port) and connected it to my PICkit 3.
Then I downloaded the hex files from here: https://github.com/johnnydrazzi/USB-uC and imported the fitting one (PIC18F24K50 no xtal) into MPLAB.
When trying to "make and program device" following errors appear:

* high voltage mode: Target device was not found (could not detect target voltage VDD). You must connect to a target device to use PICkit 3.
* low voltage mode: The low voltage programming feature requires the LVP configuration bit to be enabled on the target device. Please enable this configuration bit and try the operation again.wires seem to be connected to something as they each have a couple megaohm resistance between them (actually thinking back that might have been my body impedance, I'll check again tomorrow, makerspace is closed and don't have a multimeter handy).
Am I missing something obvious or is my PIC dead / wires not soldered correctly?

Have you powered the PIC18F24K50 externally? If not, you must enable the PICkit3 to feed power to target.

yes that was it  :D
or rather one of the problems... At least I'm getting a new error now: "Too much current has been drawn on VDD. Please disconnect your circuit, check the CLK and DATA lines for shorts and then reconnect."
Looks like I'm gonna have to recheck my soldering tomorrow :S

The pickit can only supply a small amount of current, anything else connected to VDD will easily overload it.
Simply power the entire board from the USB port.

should I still enable "power target circuit from PICkit 3"? when off and connected by usb it still throws the error "could not detect target voltage VDD", when I tried it with the option on my laptop screen started flickering, so I got scared and unplugged it...
obviously should be off according to instructions... I don't have any of the "improper circuit components" so I'm thinking improper soldering is most likely


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