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What's this 8051 clone?

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--- Quote from: david.given on October 03, 2021, 11:07:35 am ---Thanks! Yes, it's the same flash format as the GeneralPlus chip.
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Are we sure about that? It seems like we have no definitive evidence, i.e. a flash dump from a device with a G+ logo, only some hypotheses which I think are being disproven with the fact that the above dump from a JL device matches the COB from Clive and the unmarked IC from Spritetm on Reddit. I suspect these similar ones with the 8051 are not G+ but JL.


--- Quote ---Are we sure about that?
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Actually, having gone back through the paper trail, no --- I conflated two devices together, and you're right, we don't have a flash dump from the G+ chip. Oops. I shouldn't post this stuff late at night. There is a flash dump from an unlabelled chip which contains a code-less payload, probably for a dedicated music player. The only dump with code in it from a labelled chip is a JL.

According to the Reddit thread it seems like Clive's device has the same JL chip, and more information has been uncovered about the .f1a audio format:


Judging by the function names in those libs, I'm guessing it's very closely related to WMA, and thus is actually a more complex codec than initially thought (but perhaps not what Clive initially thought - MP3). That said, it may not be necessary to figure out the details of the format since there's also an encoder available in the SDK linked above - although it's also a lib presumably for the microcontroller to use. Either way, I don't think it'll be long before someone manages to put all of Clive's catchphrases (and his greatest hits) onto one of these devices. :D


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