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When will we return to normal microcontroller stock availability?

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We have been out of stock of microcontrollers and other active components for a long time, such as accelerometers, CAN FD controllers, I2S sound amplifiers and others.

Last year it was said that this year the stock would return, but it has not been like that, it is worse, there are still fewer components than last year. The distributors put some expected dates, I think theoretical, of availability, in the best case for December of this year, and in the worst case for the first half of 2023.

Are these dates credible, really by the end of the year or early 2023 we will have stock of microcontrollers again?

I was farsighted and spent money to have microcontrollers and other components with which to work, although seeing now the total scarcity of everything, I think that I should have even spent more money to buy microcontrollers and other components in quantity (CAN FD controllers, amplifiers sound I2S, accelerometers).

Probably next year, as factories get back online.  Remember it's not just the disruption of supply chains and labor, but also a fab was knocked out by natural disaster.  So, spotty availability for quite a while until that gets back into operation.  Or even longer as other proposed new fabs come online.


"These 5 Charts Help Demystify the Global Chip Shortage" IEEE Spectrum, 14 Feb 2022:


It's going to be well in to next year at least. I'm seeing no signs of any immediate recovery with most quotes coming back for 2023 deliveries.
The longest lead time so far is 2027 for a TI part (via distribution).
One distributor for an ST sensor chip was unable to give any delivery date but said we should place the order now and pay up front, to secure the delivery. Yeah, right!

Of course the question is for us - small or even medium businesses.
The large corporations don't seem to have much problem with availability.


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