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When will we return to normal microcontroller stock availability?

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Atleast it's not on a Friday the 13th. Then atleast, you don't have that bad luck working against you.

This crazy lockdown in China will not help eather. I think a second big supply chain disruption is coming. The big port in Shanghai has been closed for almost a month. Most businesses in and around Shanghai is closed, including the few IC manufacturers. Have been closed for a month. Beijing will shut down soon I think.
So far the Shenzhen area has had very few shutdowns, but it might come as well. Alot of ICs are made in Shenzen area.

Overall China might not be a huge exporter of chips. But these stupid covid shutdowns will cause more chip related shortages. More than the Ukraine war for sure.

Noticed that when something I ordered a while ago now was supposed to arrive more than a month ago, and is still blocked there.

RS Components is limiting semiconductor supplies.
I can get one off PIC32mx230 for £4-ish
Their 30 off much cheaper option is out of stock.
There are plenty of one off's to cover the 30 offs too.

The prices are going up too. A PIC that was around £2 is now nearer £4.

FPGA prices have gone through the roof as well.


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