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Which Arduino for a beginner?

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If it means anything to anyone, I stopped by a local RadioShack the other day and imagine my surprise when I saw the Arduino Uno and a few different stacker boards for sale...a bit pricey, but it def caught me off guard to see it being sold at a retail store in retail packaging.

I bought myself an Arduino UNO fairly recently because i kept reading about them and seeing them in Dave's videos and i found it very easy to get the thing doing something. You get alot of free example code with the Arduino software enviroment so you should have a look at that and just google around for Arduino project ideas too.

I just bought a clone from Hong Kong. It is a UNO R3 and cost a lot less than the true arduino around twenty two with free shipping, but I had to wait a month to get it.  :-\ Got it yesterday and started playing with it immediatly. It probably the best one for a beginner because that majority of instructions have a picture of the UNO so it you don't understand the wording in the instruction you can at least follow the picture. 


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