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Why do people not like Microchip?

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--- Quote from: T3sl4co1l on October 08, 2021, 04:14:38 pm ---Don't forget bell! ;D

Indeed, outside of specific applications (various types of terminal emulators, or original equipment of historical interest) you're pretty free to use 0-31 however you like, minus the most conventional exceptions; often some in-band coding is needed, and they were originally assigned precisely this task. :)


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Xmodem protocol still uses SOH ACK NAK and EOT. It neatly gets around the problem of control characters in data by always sending 128 bytes of data. For something cooked up for a specific purpose decades ago it's nice to work with. I chose to use it because it is half duplex, the code can disable interrupts and run entirely with polling which means the bootloader can overwrite the interrupt vector. And Tera Term supports it and is freeware.


--- Quote ---Letters 'A' to 'F' are encoded with codes 0x41 - 0x46, while numbers are encoded 0x30 to 0x31. Like symbol = number + 0x30. It would be nice if 'A' was encoded as 0x3a, 'B' as 0x3b etc, but the creators of ASCII were dumb and didn't do it this way/
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ASCII (1961) somewhat pre-dates the current usage of "hexadecimal" (which first showed up on IBM machines that didn't use ASCII in 1964)
Hexadecimal has a more interesting history than I would have thought.  Apparently letters other than A-F, or even entirely new symbols, we used before IBM...

I have used PIC's for 35 years.
Its a case of matching the right PIC to the job.
Sometimes an 8 pin PIC will do the job.
Other times I need a lot more power and lots of peripherals so use PIC32MX series.

Not everyone gets on with MPLAB X. Its a bit of a mess but things can be found if you dig deep enough.
The pickit can be a bit flaky at times.
I found the snap programmer works better.

I decided to have a look at MPLABX so downloaded, installed, unchecked provide anonymous data, unchecked check for updates.

I then turned on my firewall and disabled all output with logging, and found it took over 4 minutes for the ide to start, all the while in the background it repeatedly tried to connect to:

Maybe all the other major players do this to but but seems like we just want to give the impression you have the option to run without 'pinging' various cloud services (for whatever purpose).



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