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YX5200 (DFPlayer chip) Naked with FLASH SPI NOR

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I have a YX5200 naked design with Micro SD and SPI FLASH NOR. The Micro SD works fine.  I have an image of of the micro SD (formatted 7Mb partition) on the 64Mbit FL064 FLASH device.  The YX5200 reports the FLASH as being present and returns the correct number of files in the root. So I know that the YX5200 SPI comms are working correctly and the file system is valid. The SPI signals  all look good on the scope. However the device will not play any track.  There is absolutely no activity on the SPI bus on the play track command. I know from above the SPI comms are good, so I am wondering if there are clones of the YX5200 designed for DFPplayer (SD micro) and the SPI interface is bugged?


Can't answer your question directly but I bought a batch of DFPlayer minis on eBay (okay okay...) and they did behave differently from ones bought from Digikey. For me the problem was that there was a significant delay (300-500mS IIRC) from sending a serial 'Play Track n' command to the audio starting. They were easily identifiable by the silkscreen which didn't actually say DFPlayer on them, even though they were sold as such.

Search is your friend:


Thanks -yes seen these and they helped me earlier. However still stuck on the main issue.

Of course, everything is possible with Chinaland parts.
I have a dfplayer somewhere, will check later.


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