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Z8 Encore: How to read/write firmware


In one sentence:
To repair a broken device, i want to copy firmware from a Zilog micro (that is in a working example of the same device model) to a replacement micro.

More details:
I have 2 Dyson Airblade AB01 hand dryers... one is broken, the other one running.
The control Board is run by a Zilog Z8 Encore! Micro, Z8F082ASH020SG
That's the 20pin SOIC Version with 8k flash.
And it's dead, power rail shorted... (yes, the micro, nothing around it).
Now for repair, i want to find out if it's doable to copy the firmware to a replacement micro.
These  micro's have a one-pin debug interface and are in-cirquit flashable, says the Datasheet https://www.zilog.com/docs/z8encorexp/ps0228.pdf.

I am not too fluent at that stuff, so before i dig deeper, i want to ask if someone with experience on the Z8 Encore can give any advice.

Seems like the programmers are easily available and not even that expensive considering it's a pretty archaic chip: https://www.digikey.com/en/products/detail/zilog/ZUSBESC0200ZACG/15221474.

I'm sure this MCU has some code readout protection features, so you might be out of luck if Dyson locked the debug ports on the MCU. But if not, it's trivial to readout the flash from the working unit, and flash the newly installed MCU in the broken unit.

Thanks. Yes, that's what i found too... Would be surprised if the FW isn't protected.
Hoped someone had more specific details before i try installing the IDE etc.

Now i found this,
which even discribes a way to get around the lock bits.
I am intrigued to try if i could get it to work, but i guess it's over my time budget.


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