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Are there any proper WLAN amplifier available for individuals?

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Hi guys.
I want to find a WLAN amplifier that connects between the wireless card and the antennas.
But after lots of search, I still cannot find anything other than those unbranded craps.
I want one that is not unnecessarily big, but from a good brand, and can connect to a consumer WLAN card, which should support at least g/n/ac protocols, and TX output at least 27dbm(500mW). It would be great if RX sensitivity can also be enhanced.
Any recommendations for that?

In the us and most of the world there is no legal way for most people to use an amplifier thus you will not find any "proper" devices from recognizable manufacturers.

If you are going to use this as an link you shuld put most of your gain in the antenna. You can get a grid antenna with 30dB gain at each end and still have the same link budget.

Just use a high power card.

After a certain point antenna gain gets considerably more expensive than transmit power gain.

The "4W" 2.4GHz no-name amplifiers are decent 1.5W amplifiers, the amateur radio community experimented with them for satellite uplink and they're well documented. Depending on where you are, they're probably not legal to use on WiFi.


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