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Aruba InstantON 1930 (HPE-JL680A) problem with SFP

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Hello guys,

I'm having a problem with fiber optic connection to the mentioned switch. I have the following configuration:

TP-Link MC220L Gigabit SFP Media converter

SFP Module inside media converter is TL-SM311LS 1000Base-LX

SFP Module inside switch is MaxLink ML-S31D-3-HP

Problem is that switch does not see the link, when i connect fiber optic to switch, led blinks for a second and that's it, link is down.

Switch FW version is

That MaxLink is a 1.25 GBit/s SFP. That may be the reason why it does not establish a link to the 1000Base-T.
Additionally, check the log of the switch if the SFP maybe rejected because of a vendor check.

According to the distributor, that SFP module should be compatible with aruba switch. We were waiting 2 days for them to check compatibility.

According to switch logs, switch detects that SFP module is inserted, and thats it. No error message or anything else

Ok, i have looked a bit into the two transceivers, both support 1000Base-LX, both use the same wavelength, so they should be able to establish a link.

Have you tried switching the fibre pair on one end?
Also, how long, and what fibre type is the cable you are using?

So this is specification for the cable they provided us with the media converter.

Cable sheathing made of halogen-free, low smoke and flame-retardant material
- Assembled with high-quality connectors with ceramic ferrule
- Core structure: Duplex cable I-VH
- High tensile strength due to Kevlar with aramid fibres

- Colour: yellow
- Length: 2.0 m
- Quantity of fibre: 2
- Cable type: Duplex Cable
- External cable: No
- Fibre section: 9/125┬Ám OS2
- Connection ports: LC / LC
- Side 1 Connector Type: LC
- Side 2 Connector Type: LC
- Kevlar strain relief: Yes
- Crossed: Yes
- Cable LSOH: Yes


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