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Being blocked suddenly from uncert'd https sites.

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This is ridiculous in my eyes. Suddenly i can't even get to this website thanks to the employer's new Security deployed by the muppets of the IT dept. It's ok to use Facebook or Tick-Tok God forbid but too bad if i want to do a study refresher on (as example) Digilent's site in my lunch hour... So i got to thinking. Has anyone had this BS dumped on them with no solution forth-coming anytime soon and is there a website that offers modifying a web-address URL you provide & they add a FAKED https certificate so it will appear cos-ha and complaint & i can get back to being able to do my work.... (yes i'm well pissed off).

How about putting that proposition directly to your employer; then quit, if it doesn't meet your demands?


If your employer is doing this then proxy services are most likely banned/blocked too. Never mind the potential security issues with the proxies (like accidentally sending your credentials to a third party) and exposing yourself to a potential firing offense for attempting to circumvent the policy.

If you have a legitimate interest/need to access the website, ask your IT to have it unblocked. Even though if your IT is this clueless and blocks all non-https traffic for whatever reason (that has to break half of the internet as a lot of things even on https websites are loaded from unencrypted http sources ...), I wouldn't have much hope there.

My previous job had the FortiGuard spyware/censorware forced on us because of sharing the network connection with some government offices which used it. I can feel your pain. But "going outside the channels" and circumventing it is only going to get you fired when (not if) you get caught sooner or later.

Yeah we employed a really anal IT manager who stamped his authority on just about everything including the LAN web proxy and it was actively interfering with my job.

So.. I noticed that proxy URL was a script. Downloaded said script which basically selected a different proxy according to country (we were a smallish multinational), so I tried a couple of other proxies and found one which worked OK for me.

Worked fine and I completely forgot about it until same IT manager used my laptop for something we were working on together... I got a mild bollocking  ;D


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