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can you ping ip6 ip from an ip4 network


can you ping ip6 ip from an ip4 network 

ping to linux server ip6

ping from linux box ip4



No.  6to4 is a mechanism for automatically provisioning tunneling of ipv6 over ipv4.  This allows two remote ipv6 LANs to communicate even if they don't have a native ipv6 route between them.  It's mostly obsolete now, as all backbones and most major ISPs support ipv6 natively.

NAT64 can allow ipv6 only clients to communicate with ipv4 servers but there are a bunch of caveats, and it doesn't usually work the other way at all since an ipv4 client has no way to indicate an ipv6 destination.  It's possible to create static NAT the other way: this would be the case if you had an ipv4 internet facing load balancer directing requests to ipv6 servers on your internal network, but it's a fixed mapping not general purpose like destination NAT / IP masquerading.



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