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Can't use your new shiny Milwaukee drill this Sunday


This is becoming ridiculous.... Cloud connected trade tools. Registration, configuration, locking down, tracking,  etc. Want to drill couple holes? May not be able to.

Is not this more for construction sites to manage tool inventory? Sounds like this system provides value over having tools constantly stolen or having to manually manage them, possibly needing another person.

Not sure if most of them even work Sundays.

We use SalesForce at work, and it does go down for maintenance every few weeks. I guess it might be annoying if you absolutely have to access it, but since it happens on a weekend, I never noticed it. And while SF sucks, not having it would suck even more.

Anyone can buy tools, I have Milwaukee tools, that is why i got the email. But i did not register them, simply because the Milwaukee app  was not compatible with my old iphone 5. And i for one love working around the house on weekends. So yes if you lock a tool so it cant be used if stolen, you cant unlock it if the server is down.

Do you have an option to not link it to the app and not give them your email? This sounds like the best approach for regular household use.

I don't see myself giving a tool company any of my information.


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