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Cat 6 cable stopped working, sort of.

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I had a customer call me that his internet had stopped working in his shed. I did not do original install. It was working previously as I had added an Acces point to it.
The cable is a cat 6, underground about 60m( in conduit).
I do a continuity test, no problem, I do a cable length test, 220m ,WTF!
Now, I connected to my laptop, I  it works fine, no problem,  YET when I plug it back into the switch, ( on the shed side) no go.
I changed switch in the shed and even the modem in the house.
I'm stumped.
Any help would be much appreciated.

Have you tested it for signal integrity with a cable tester? Is it rated for underground use? It's pretty likely that the conduit is filled with water submerging the cable. It's also possible the problem was with the termination on one of the ends.

Yeh sounds like possibly corrosion or something is impacting the cable integrity. Rather than trying to troubleshoot, it'll probably be easier to replace it with a new length cable (or fibre).

Did you do a flame test on the conductors?

Of the 4 pairs, one is either poor connection, corroded eg at RJ-45 crimp connector, or dirt, corrosion creating a leakage paths to earth or another pair.

Ger an Ethernet cable checker, or

just Short the four  far end pairs togather
Check resistance  at the four near end pairs.

Use wire table at correct L and AWG to find loop resistance

Bon chance



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