Author Topic: Connector diameter size and cable size need help. (newbie in networking cabling)  (Read 1028 times)

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Hi guys,

i'm looking to buy "Pass-Through Ethernet Crimper and Connectors" from Aliexpress and sum cat6 ftp cable from The Netherlands but i have one question that i can't get answered by the aliexpress seller because of the language barrier. 

these are the connectors i want to buy:

and this is the cable i want to buy:

connector info alliexpress site:
scrolling down the page it states that the cable diameter must be less then 6.5mm that's for the outside diameter since the cable i want to buy is 6.1mm this should be ok..

it also mentions "1 of 8 lines diameter must be less then 1.05mm" and it shows a picture of a caliper measuring one of the cable strands.

The cable manufacturer
states the cable is 26AWG i assume that's for the inner strands looking at a table 26AWG is 0.405mm so well under the 1.05mm of the connector..

One thing that confuses me is that on other stores they sell connectors stating 26AWG but that's not the connectors i want so that's no use but that made me unsure of these connectors and if they would fit..
Any help would be appreciated..

if you care to know i'm planning on buying one of these crimper's
Not sure why one is €25 and the same one from a different seller on aliexpress costs €15 that's something i need to figure out..
think i'l go with the more expensive one as i'm getting the connectors from there but need to think about that one..

€15 one:

€25 one:


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Interesting connectors, they allow you to see the wire and even pull on it before you complete the crimping and cut off the excess. I have never used them. For me crimping Ethernet connectors is a boring and tedious job which I do when I have time to kill. I have found pretty much all connectors work with the crimp tool I have but I do not know if it is just sheer luck. I have even managed to crimp without the tool, just pushing the pins in one by one with a flat screwdriver.

What I hate is lazy people who do not properly secure the outside plastic sleeve, only the wires, and the wires break after some flexing. Arghhh...
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