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Crossover Ethernet Cable Confusion

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Can anyone please tell me where can I find the official pinout of a crossover ethernet cable to make one to connect a video device with web interface connection to the computer? The manual says to use a cross-wired RJ-45 cable but didn't mention what type, Online search came up with more than 6 combinations of pin-outs, beyond just T568A and T568B wiring standards, I don't really care about the color as much as the position of the pins on the other end of the cable, kind of like this:

Pin1 to Pin?
Pin2 to Pin?
Pin3 to Pin?
Pin4 to Pin?
Pin5 to Pin?
Pin6 to Pin?
Pin7 to Pin?
Pin8 to Pin?

Here is the manual for the device I'm trying to connect, Read from page 21:

The easy way to remember is to use T568A on one side and T568B on the other.

While technically color doesn't matter (except for humans) you definitely care about having the right pairs twisted.

Also, pretty much any Ethernet switch or NIC made in the last 20 years will support auto MDIX, including 100% of gigabit capable devices but also a great many 100 megabit devices. Only one side needs to support it.  So unless you are connecting this directly to another 10/100 only device that also doesn't support auto MDIX you don't need a crossover cable.

See attached image.

Keep in mind crossover cables are only for 10/100 Mbps connections where Auto MDI-X isn't supported by the network card or hub/switch. Almost all equipment made in the last 20 years will support Auto MDI-X. It's was a legacy thing normally used to connect two computers together without the use of a hub/switch, as early NICs didn't support Auto MDI-X. I honestly can't remember the last time I've needed to use one.

Crossover cables aren't a thing on Gigabit networks, nor will it work with anything requiring Power over Ethernet.

Reading the manual, just ignore it.  If you are connecting to a windows PC rather than another embedded device chances are nearly 100% you don't need a crossover cable.


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