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I'm a bit surprised at the lack of solutions for embedded devices that can act as a Bluetooth host so you can connect other devices to it.  With Bluetooth being pretty much the standard wireless peripheral interface, it's a bit of a bummer it's not easier to connect devices like Bluetooth headsets, keyboards, mice, etc to custom embedded systems that aren't cell phones or full blown Linux computers.

At the moment I'm looking for a processor/solution that can handle Bluetooth host connections so I can use a simple mono Bluetooth audio headset device (HSP or HPP Profiles).  Does that exist?

The spec wish-list for a solution would be:
1) Low-ish Power (for battery operation)
2) Available through distribution (no AliExpress)
3) Something with Bluetooth host libraries available (at least for HSP or HPP)
4) Lowest feature bloat possible (preferably not a full on Linux system-on-chip with associated implementation headaches, unless that's the only way to go)

Something like a Raspberry Pi Zero is the smallest lowest cost thing I've found that may actually function currently as an embedded Bluetooth host, which isn't really very close to a viable solution for a custom product.  It sounds like ESP32 may have the capabilities, but there aren't libraries and supply chain doesn't look like a fun time to deal with.  Is there anything with Bluetooth Host libraries from any of the big players with embedded wireless solutions like TI, ST, Microchip, Silabs, etc?  So far I haven't found anything, but then again I may just suck at speccing parts even after all these years.



It depends on what you want to do, as usual....but you may well find that one of the modules can do pretty much what you need, which avoids you needing to deal with an inconveniently small BGA type chip. I happen to be playing with the AP6212 at the moment which has both BT and WiFi, and has PCM in-out...if you wait for a little while that'll be a single open source board that is way overkill for what you want but gives you a starting point.  AFAIK the hostiness can be done by most things if you talk to the BT radio over HCI...there are open (BSD etc) libraries for that...BT isn't really host/client oriented.

I think there are nicer, smaller, solutions out there (e.g. the NXP (nee Freescale) QN9080 but I have no idea how easy they are to play with.


That NXP part looks promising.  I'll have to contact my rep guy and get some details.  Thanks for the heads up!

Esp32 supply chain issues? I buy them from digikey and mouser  :-//

The Bluetooth libraries for ESP32 are pretty solid, but I must admit I only really use BLE.


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