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I need some input and opinions on the following topic:

My boss has expressed the strong wish to move the office into a new building with different floor layout. This means, that the existing networking concept regarding access switches has to be modified.

Long story short, I think of retiring some old access switches, move a handful of HP Procurve 2530 (now Aruba branded) switches from their current role as serverside switches to be the new access switches, and buy a pair of new and fancy 10 Gbit/s Switches as coe switches.

So far so good, no problem doing this. As we will probably have to connect 3 networking cabinets on different floors, I want to use fiber optic cabling between them for several reasons.
Up to this point, no problems, I consider myself fairly experienced in this regard.

Where I would like to have some comments on/experience:
In the past, with especially with new systems still under warranty, I advocated the idea of buying genuine materials from the manufacturer, to be sure that in case of support etc. no one can push the blame on "that other manufacturer"- Worked out so far, I might mention, especially in smaller networks.

But due to the pricing of the SFP modules for the switches, that range about 150€ including sales tax, I really want to think about buying third-party SFP. As HP does not manufacture own SFP, some OEM probably will make them. What I am aware of, is that such a SFP sometimes has heavy programming inside- so not only an ID code an serial number for the management of the switch.

In my case, we are talking about HPE J4858C oder Aruba J4858D (only difference the brand, otherwise supposed to be identical).

Can anyone recommend a trustworthy brand (I remember Finisar as one of the more popular OEM) or share own experience in this regard?
Also some links to further insight how the internal programming affect operations would be appreciated.

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