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How does copper turned black affect internet quality?

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I need to move my router to a different location in the house. But the new location actually has an older cable and I can't put the other there:

you think that can affect internet quality? What is it? oxidation?


That cable looks sketchy.
Shouldn't you have at least two pairs (ideally four) of twisted wire inside the cable?

I forgot to mention - that cable is probably around 30 years old

That's a very old house where these cables used only for land phone and no need for the extra features in the second pair so I think that was standard 30 years ago where I live

30 years is only 1990. I have 1960 copper wire still as bright as the day it was sleeved. Maybe your line was the cheapest wire they had at Radio Shack? Internet quality is about having a good signal-to-noise ratio between the exchange and the DSL router - which is what I assume you have? With that oxide the SNR will degrade a little bit. Just condemn the cable and put in a clean line. Or pony the mains with power-line extenders.

Can you use the existing tarnished cable to pull a new cable through the conduit or other path?


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