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HTTP to HTTPS conversion device?

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I have a programmable logic controller at a remote site that's pushing data to a server via HTTP at 5-second intervals, but I'd like to move to HTTPS.  The PLC has TLS capability so it can do HTTPS, but it doesn't have a specialized encryption processor so the handshake is very slow - in the range of 8-15 seconds to establish a connection.

So I'm wondering: does anyone make a fast, transparent converter that would accept HTTP messages from the PLC, forward them to the server via HTTPS, and pass the response back to the PLC as HTTP?  I think what I want is a "TLS termination proxy", but in a stand-alone hardware package.

RasPi + squid + script to rewrite the URL

stunnel is available for various Linux, FreeBSD, others:

From the man page:
PLC connects to stunnel gateway, gateway calls HTTPS service. 
In the example below, in on 143 out to servername:993

--- Quote ---In order to let your local e-mail client connect to a TLS-enabled imapd service on another server, configure the e-mail client to connect to localhost on port 119143 and use:

    client = yes
    accept = 143
    connect = servername:993
--- End quote ---


--- Quote from: madires on December 22, 2021, 06:30:45 pm ---RasPi + squid + script to rewrite the URL

--- End quote ---

Thanks - that's an interesting approach.  Do you have any feel for the speed of TLS in that environment?  As I mentioned, sending HTTPS message from my PLC takes about 8-15 seconds; that's to open the TCP connection, do the TLS handshaking and send < 1KB of data.  I'd want to get that under 5 seconds.     

Less than 5 seconds shouldn't be any problem.


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