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Hughes DirecPC USB satellite modem + teardown


Summary of internals:

Transmitter (detachable from Receiver for one-way satellite applications):
SEI1618 PLL for TX IF LO
AD9850 xPSK modulation DDS
ADF4111 PLL for modulator LO
AD8346 quadrature modulator
Xilinx Virtex XCV300E FPGA with XC1702 configuration memory
HI5628 modulation DAC

Receiver (can be used without Transmitter for one-way satellite applications):
MAX2108 direct conversion receiver
LMX2324 PLL for RX LO
TH7301 programmable LPF
CX24106-16 demodulator
PDIUSBP11 USB interface
MT48LC1M16A1-7 1M x 16 133 MHz SDRAM (certain boards have two)
Xilinx Virtex XCV300E FPGA with XC1702 configuration memory
Hughes "Mt Fuji" custom processor (the only custom IC for this system)

This is a good unit for repurposing considering that datasheets for the non-custom ICs can be obtained without significant difficulity.


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