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InterPlanetary File System (IPFS, IPNS, DNSLink)


I've found today about a file system based on hashing the content of the files.  My understanding is IPFS is a combination between a torrent protocol and a block chain, and it's distributed, meaning there's no need of central servers for it to work.  Also has some local data cache at the user's side, so it balances the traffic between users.

With IPFS one can share files online, the content is guaranteed against tampering, and the files can be reached by others with an internet browser, just like a webpage:

There's a 2 minutes YouTube video about how the data travels:  Quick explanation of dnslink in IPFS.

What I don't know is about the DNSLink and "TXT records".  I do not have a registered domain in DNS, and never maintain my own domain, so I'm not very sure what/where are those DNSLink TXT records.

My setup is like this:
- my ISP provider includes for free some sort of Dynamic DNS, meaning I can set from their webpage a single word, let's say "rogeorge", and that will become visible at  Other paying ISP users can pick their own subdomain names, and it will become, let's say
- the is maintained by the ISP, and I can not change anything (thinking TXT records).
- it is my job to setup at home a server (did that once and got a working SMF forum visible from the Internet)

Q1.  Where/what are those TXT records I need to add in order to make my IPFS files reachable from the Internet, but reachable by their human readable names (not by hash)?
Q2.  Will/can DNSLink work with my free Dynamic DNS subdomain, or do I need a proper (and payed) DNS name?


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