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Need help configuring Wifi router behind a Bell Home Hub internet wifi modem

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So turns out that on my Ubuntu laptop (22.04 jammy) depending on whether I fresh boot or resume (from hibernation) and move to a different location or switch WiFi, there is something up with the systemd-resolved service which causes a loss of the DNS function (or it's pointing to the wrong DNS and not refreshing it). This added some more craziness to the situation which I could not explain, as my iPhone and other devices had no issues connecting to the internet once I factory-reset the ASUS WiFi router, yet my laptop was *still* having sporadic issues.

My laptop was able to ping specific IP's and I was able to use VNC to connect to work (because I direct it to a static IP) yet it could not resolve any domain names so I couldn't browse typical websites by name. At first I thought something was up again with the ASUS router but nope, it's my linux machine! After a reboot the service seems to have corrected itself. Just a coincidence, maybe some bug introduced in recent upgrade at same time as I got the router, or a problem already there that I just didn't notice until I started to change my network.

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Were you able to solve this?

Does restarting the network service on the lappy fix it, rather than rebooting?


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