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Need help configuring Wifi router behind a Bell Home Hub internet wifi modem

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Hi folks,

I’m having trouble with a networking setup and not sure what to do. I have a Bell Home Hub 2000 on connected to internet. There are a bunch of devices hooked up to it’s Wifi. What I wanted to do is have another group of devices (e.g. kids devices) connected to another Wifi router so that I could use parental controls. I don’t like the scheduling/access control on Bell Home Hub 2000 so I got the ASUS (RT-AC65) AC1750 WiFi Router.

I plugged the ASUS WAN port into the Bell modem LAN2 port, it shows up as but is inaccessible from the Bell network when I’m logged into Bell wifi when the ASUS is set as “wifi router mode”. When I set the ASUS up as “Access Point mode” it becomes a device on the 192.168.2.x (I can reach it’s login screen at and I can see all the devices attached to the Bell modem wifi as well as the ASUS wifi. Only problem is it disables parental control options completely on the ASUS device in this mode.

On the other hand, when I set the ASUS in “Wifi router mode” it can only be accessed when I join the ASUS wifi and go to In this mode it shows parental scheduling options. However it is no longer accessible on the 192.168.2.x network, and it also loses internet connectivity. So if I join the ASUS wifi I can’t browse the internet. I noticed that in access point mode it says it disables a bunch of things like NAT, IP sharing and firewall and it then can access the internet but I lose parental control. I’ve tried disabling these things when I have it configured in “wifi router mode” but it doesn’t solve the problem.

Can someone please help me configure this setup. I have the ASUS router with WAN on, NAT on, DHCP on, DNS everything set to automatic and default when it is wifi router mode. But it is setting up it's own separate network and doesn’t seem to be communicating through to the Bell network and vice versa to pass internet traffic. Thank you in advance for any help you could provide! I’m new to networking and looking forward to learning.

Just to add… I have a Linksys smart wifi router at work also connected behind a Hitron cable modem. It has no problem connecting to the internet. The parental controls work, it was as simple as plugging it in. The local LAN the Linksys wifi router exists on is on 192.168.1.x and the stuff connected directly to the Hitron cable modem wifi is all on 192.168.2.x. I can access both no problem. When I connect to the Linksys I’m able to get to my settings for the Hitron modem at and settings for the Linksys at and also (it’s IP assigned on the Hitron modem) and I can browse internet no issues whatsoever. When I’m connected to the Hitron via wifi I cannot get to the Linksys modem at and it also won’t let me get to I’m assuming that’s a feature of the Hitron wifi modem to prevent people using the wifi from trying to hack into other devices on the network… it will only pass traffic out to internet when on the Hitron wifi. :-//

My first question is… Why have two routers ?
If your plan is well designed, in most cases a single decent router will handle 90% of typical domestic requirements.

If the Bell is a modem AND router, you have two choices - replace it with a standalone modem, and carry on, or just disable it’s firewall/router, and use a real router to do the important work.

The idea of a single integrated modem/router/access point ‘gateway’ imposes a lot of limitations, but makes it simple for unskilled customers.

Thanks for replying. The Bell home hub is a DSL modem provided by our telephone company with our monthly internet service. It does not seem to have much in the way of configurability and the software in it is extremely sluggish. It is dated 2017. I don’t necessarily need 2 routers either so I will look to see if there is any way to disable it.

As I mentioned earlier at work I have a HiTron cable modem/wifi and then have another the Linksys  wifi/router plugged in and it seems to be giving us no issues with traffic on the Linksys going through the HiTron and out on to the internet. I figure it’s this Bell DSL home hub that is giving me problems.

Note from the attached screenshots that the ASUS wifi router seems to “see” the internet as it’s claiming connectivity but yet nothing gets through.

I’ve looked through every option the Bell home hub 2000 (see photo attached) and haven’t found any way to really change most of the configurations, certainly nothing close to my Hitron cable modem at home. This Bell device is an all-in-one designed to be simple for home users. It handles internet and TV.

However I have another possible solution although not what I was looking for. I can set the ASUS to access point mode, it will connect to internet no problem but then I lose parental control options on it. However I get all kids devices to connect Wifi to it and then use the scheduler in the Bell modem to cut the entire router on/off. This way I have a master switch for all of them. Otherwise the Bell modem scheduler does let you do individual device scheduling but it is a pain, even with grouping devices. A single switch on/off of the entire ASUS access point may be easier. That’s a really dumb inefficient way but I don’t have a better option as long as I’m stuck with this Bell modem? Unless there is someone who knows how to get around this.

What I don’t understand is why parental control on the ASUS turns off when using  Access point mode? It should still let you schedule items that connect to it’s own Wifi, why wouldn’t it allow that feature?


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