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network adapter - recommend please


I'm not up to speed on network hardware.

I have a new (used) HP desktop PC (HP Compaq Elite 8300 small form factor) that will dedicated to run LinuxCNC under Debian12. I might use VirtualBox to very rarely run some form of Windows program or to get updates etc, but in general this PC will not be connected to a network or the internet except in very rare circumstances.

For those rare circumstances I will need some form of network adapter device to get access to our local wifi network. In a perfect world it would be USB based so I could easily unplug it when not needed, but it could also be a card I insert in the PC or connect via an Ethernet cable.

Ranked criteria:
1) Low cost
2) Good enough to reliably connect and get data once in a blue moon, I don't kneed screaming fast or fancy
3) Available from Amazon for convenience

Can anyone recommend something suitable

cheap n cheerful, mercuys n300 wifi dongle,worked out the box with Ubuntu.


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