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I have plenty of external hdd.   I woukd like to make them available on my intranet as shared drives accessible from all multiple windows and linux  PC,s android devices.  no need for raid functions , but if it is available, itsok

So, it must be plugged in my router rj45 plug, and provide 4 or more usb ports

Preferably off-the-shelf and affordable for an hobbyist

Any suggestions?

For this kind of use you need some sort of NAS with USB disk support, possibly a DIY one made of an old computer or SBC with right software.

Sorry, zero familiarity with this market so no specific product advice.

That's it, yes: a NAS, connected with rj45 to my router, and with many USB ports.  No internal bays required.

I'm searching for an off-the-shelf affordable product

At ebay, when searching for "NAS kit", i found "SunFounder NAS Kit für Raspberry Pi" for € 33.

Regards, Dieter

Thanks, but eBay is not my definition of a reliable seller.  I'm searching for an off the shelf, from a reputable brand


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