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RJ45 CAT6 crimp - is this one reliable?

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--- Quote from: Veteran68 on August 28, 2023, 12:52:54 pm ---EDIT: Now that I think about it (obviously I haven't up to this point, LOL), I'm not sure why a RJ11 POTS connection wouldn't be compatible with either standard. RJ11 only used the middle two conductors, both of which are the same blue pair in T568A and T568B? RJ14 added the outer two conductors which are the orange pair on T568B and the green pair in T568A, but as long as both ends of the building wiring were terminated that way it should still work, I would think.

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It looks like you swapped orange and green in your text. Pins 3 and 6 are orange on T568A and green on T568B.

If you look at the tables, there is a column for Pair. On both tables, the orange pair is Pair 2 and green is Pair 3.

So, the most likely reason for POTS preference for T568A is that a typical installation will have the correct colour codes for the first and second phone lines. If the existing wiring was T568B, phone line 2 would end up on the green which is pair 3.


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