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RJ45 CAT6 crimp - is this one reliable?


I am trying to crimp shielded RJ45 connectors (CAT6, S/FTP, 23AWG)
All wires "jumped" to right side - as you can see in the picture.
Is this "ok"?  I do not think so...
I used to crimp CAT5E unshielded cables, but all wires were centered.
Any idea what to do/check? Should I buy RJ45 from different manufacturer? What can be wrong?

So the problem was bad connector, bought from different manufacturer and problem is gone

I'm quite certain connector is good. The issue is there are two connector types, for solid wire and for stranded wire. I've seen plenty of times connectors for stranded wires crimped on solid wires.

Both connectors were specified for solid wire. The difference is, that first one was "universal" for wire diameter 0,8-1,5mm (including isolation). It is better not to buy universal RJ-45. New one was 1mm diameter max.


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