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Setting up a tp-link (A6) router without tp-link cloud account?

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Rick Law:
Anyone has experience with TP-Link AC1200 (Archer A6) router?

I am thinking of getting one of those to use as an access point only.  I found the user manual on-line, and the setup of the router (and set up as access point only) both started with sign up at tp-link-cloud and creating a cloud account ID.

I much prefer to just go http://(router IP) and use default admin/pw instead of having to go to tp-link-clould or tp-link anything even for initial setup.

If anyone has TP-Link AC1200 (Archer A6) experience --  I just want to find out if it is optional or required to register on their cloud to use the local web admin interface.  Besides, last thing I need is some cloud app to edit my router or access point from outside my firewall.

Yes, I did web (re)search already... and found that with my initial choice NetGear (WAC 104 router/access point) NetGear cloud logon is NOT optional.  That is why I am looking at tp-link and other alternatives.   I am hoping that cloud-fever illness is limited to netgear only...


No cloud account needed. Just use http access.


--- Quote from: paf on June 10, 2021, 08:14:21 am ---No cloud account needed. Just use http access.

--- End quote ---

yep  no cloud account needed..

**AND**  they also have a handy applet on ANDROID...

IMHO  any fab. moving their Network gear to "CLOUD"  shit is doomed...

Privacy is the bottom line for any serious network  apart these
shit jerk assholes w/CLOUD fever..  delusional 


Rick Law:
Thanks guys!

I am going to order that shortly.  I don't mind it if it is optional, but when my initial research shown Netgear made theirs non-optional, I was worried.

I would have gone for their higher end model, but their "Amazon Certified: Works with Alexa" label held me back..  I want my network infrastructure to be faithful and loyal to me...  Any possibility of outside modification or eavesdropping a flag raiser.

This cloud-fever is getting out of hand...


Just for the record (since I initially made the claim about my WAC124 web search result without citation) here is what I found about the Netgear WAC124 (with link to his comment):

Customer Review

Robert N.

1.0 out of 5 stars
 Totally useless ! Reviewed in the United States on March 27, 2019
Style: AC2000 | WiFi5Verified Purchase

 Despite various old information on the web, this Netgear WAC124 will not allow setup without first creating an account at Netgear and then letting the AP use it (at a minimum, the first time you try to set it up). That makes this device utterly useless in a situation where you need to create WiFi connectivity without internet or you simply have no desire to have your infrastructure access outside or outside access your infrastructure. I wish I could give it zero stars.

I've used Netgear for years including lots of their high end 10G switches. I've committed tens of thousands of dollars to Netgear equipment over recent years but now I see their gear is becoming useless for security conscious engineers or use on restricted networks.

If you're a push button installer and don't care about privacy, this may still be ok for you. Otherwise, look for equipment that lets you control the install. 

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There's always reflashing with OpenWRT, though I haven't had the best luck with it (kernel memory leak on a R6220 that requires weekly reboots).


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