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Setting Up Ecommerce, Which Web Hosting and Builder?

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--- Quote from: WattsThat on January 24, 2021, 09:12:29 pm ---If you think you need SSL to handle credit card processing, think again. If you want or need SSL for other reasons, fine. But not credit card numbers.

--- End quote ---
transactions will be done by payment processor such as paypal, you dont have to worry ;) people's credit card numbers is no good for me anyway. the concern will be the customers accounts, passwords, address, order history and such, SSL cert will be needed.

thanks Torch for chiming in. now i know i'm just using some of your space for free, i thought all this time you are the owner or staff of dreamhost ;D what still confuses me is the nameserver you gave and set in my domain registrar is exactly the name server if i have a dedicated paid account in dreamhost. obviously i'm not sure how this work. it means if i subscribe to dreamhost tomorrow and have my own space, i dont have to change nameserver, correct?. i'm not sure how will the dreamhost knows and direct my domain name into my new dedicated space instead of old space (your space).

Depending on the features you need wordpress and woocommerce are simple and at the start free. Wordpress owns woocommerce and no diubt this is how they make money as any decent functionality comes from paid plugins and you want to be careful whos plugins you do use. Last time I touched Joomla it was highly convoluted.

As above, I handle all payments through paypal and stripe to avoid having a lot of complications. I do have an SSL certificate just to shut the browsers up as sometimes a self certified certificate does raise issues.

I'm eyeing few webhost recently but they seem comparable price (low end/cheap package) offering with godaddy (my registar) so maybe next time i'll just upgrade my godaddy packaging... currently i only have one product that imho worth publishing for sale. So its not enough to make a ecommerce page yet.. am also eyeing on few ecommerce platform such as woocommerce, but i dont think its time to dedicate learning and stuck with one particular platform.. i'm maybe build one from scratch in php just enough with no nonsense feature, ads etc... just users account database, purchase history etc and link to paypal payment..? That i know which database files to backup daily..

I run a few eCommerce websites, some bigger than others, on various platforms and hosts. For my own products I use a Wordpress website with the Woocommerce add-on; it's the most popular web platform out there, easy to maintain, there is a ready-made plugin for anything.

I host it on a virtual server from Amazon (AWS Lightsail), which you can only really do if you're technical enough to maintain it yourself. On the plus side, it's very cheap for what it is (US$10/month for 1vCPu / 2GB RAM, 60GB SSD) and you don't have any configuration restrictions like with typical hosts (but you break it, you fix it). The cheapest option is US$3.5/month (first 3 months free), can come with Wordpress preinstalled if you want and it's much faster than any shared hosting provider can offer at that price.

I also used various options (shared and dedicated) from Siteground, generally they are good and support will help quickly with any issues, but performance could be better for the price and they're not the cheapest. Good for beginners or when uptime is critical.

Cheapest option is to host it at home on your own machine if you have enough uplink bandwidth, a RPi4 with a small SSD can handle small websites easily. I did this for years, even for company websites, but again this requires know-how to maintain and a backup / recovery plan which if done properly ends up being too expensive to be worth it.


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