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Shielded Twisted pair ethernet for WAP


I ran into this at work, I had one theory to begin with but now have doubts. We have a training area that has a large cement block production machine/ line. They never put WIFI in there permanently thinking EMI, etc would make issues, but we have tried temporarily on occasion and i don't think was much issue. The way the building was set up though I got shielded twisted pair ethernet as it will likely run for 50-75 feet along the wall in this room to a wireless AP. I got a shielded/grounded patch panel for this for the rack side, the rack is tied to a ground plate in the IDF. My first thought was to ground only one end or it makes a ground loop, but then thought if I tapcon the WAP mount to brick then there is no ground for the WAP itself to the cable.

I checked an I.T forum they say ground only one end but figured i'd try here too. Curious if anyone has info on this or dealt with things like this, hope this is the best location for this topic.

Yep, for STP cable, you only ground one end of the cable.

There was discussion about this a few years ago here with some references which might be useful:


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