Author Topic: SIM7600EI-H Network connecting issue, Please Help  (Read 504 times)

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SIM7600EI-H Network connecting issue, Please Help
« on: November 18, 2022, 07:44:00 pm »
Hii all

i am using SIM7600EI-H 4G cellular Module in one project. which is from SIMCOM.

firmware version we find by AT+CGMR is : LE20B04SIM7600M21-A

Problem we are facing is that the modem is not connecting to any network on startup. Both STATUS and NETLIGHT leds are glowing continuously.

on the serial monitor we are receiving on startup below the string.




when i try to see status of connection by using AT+CREG command i am getting following response:

+CREG: 0,6

value 6 is what, it is not even mentioned in the command datasheet of simcom. (attached snapshot)

i have provided 4V to module via buck converter LM2576-ADJ and my power adaptor rating is 12v and 2amp.

Please Help me what the issue is and how i can solve this issue.


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Re: SIM7600EI-H Network connecting issue, Please Help
« Reply #1 on: November 19, 2022, 09:10:11 am »
Better ask SimCom, by sending email to support at simcom dot com, with subject say "Why SIM7600EI-H returns +CREG:0,6 when sending AT+CREG?"

Their Questions Related to Network page already explains the same for "+CREG:0,3", you see.  The aforementioned email subject is likely to get routed correctly, so hopefully you'll get an answer.

I personally currently use a similar modem, Huawei ME909s-120, on both a Mikrotik RBM33G, as well as using a simple USB WWAN adapter I call my FrankenModem. (Took a few iterations to find one whose regulator/switcher does not get too hot off eBay.) Works fine in OpenWRT and Linux.  The SIM7600 series support is in ModemManager (GitHub tree for SimTech MM plugins), but the code relies heavily on glib abstractions (providing object and introspection support, making bindings to other languages easy via gir or gobject introspection) so you might have to familiarize yourself with that before delving into ModemManager.  When dealing with 3G/4G/LTE modems, ModemManager currently does support the widest variety of devices (and is used in Linux and OpenWRT), so it is an useful resource to investigate how to support such modems in general in ones own devices.  Because I use the modem via ModemManager myself, I have not, and I do not need to, delve into the exact details; ModemManager does all the low-level work for me.

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