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The worst Call Home Analytics offender


I installed the Pi-Hole DNS filter on a Paspberry Pi  and it has been running for 2 days now. Can you guess who is the champion for sending my data home  ?  :-DD

That's nothing, my Philips Hue hub is ridiculously chatty, even though I use exactly zero of the online/connected features. I hate all the telemetry we're having forced upon us, with no option of saying no.

Yeah, I just would never thought Keysight would beat Google on calling home. Well done, Keysight !  :box:

It's good somebody mentions this here.
We have some MS Windows based Lecroy scopes. I would never use any of them with a web connection nor in a network with other lab equipment.
Also i designed our own GPIB controller 13 years ago as i didn't trust NI any longer. They used to install a large set of device drivers and services without asking. And they used to modify basic system features like network drivers. I remember difficult to fix network problems after having used a GPIB-ENET 100. Once warnings popped up about Microsoft video protocols whatever that means.

Regards, Dieter

I think it is the Keysight IO Libraries Suite which is sitting in the system tray. I use it for GPIB.


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