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True CAT6A/7 flat cables

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--- Quote from: blueskull on March 09, 2019, 07:22:59 pm ---I did a precise measurement of my routing requirement, and found 8.5m is just enough, so I no longer need a 50ft cable.

--- End quote ---

Over those sorts of distances even fairly average cable will get you 10Gbps.

We run regular Cat 6 at work over about 30-40 metres and have no issues at those speeds.

Flat CAT6A double insulated cable does exist. However, it is usually thicker than the flat CAT5E cable, and hard to find one from reputable brands.

Without proper test equipment (Fluke DSX / Agilent Wirescope / etc), I would not suggest purchasing any flat CAT6A cable since a lot of them cannot pass the compliant test.

As CAT7 they can be find here: they are thick but never cuted one to verify if is true

As for flat cable i think they not exists since it's more hard to put the outter foil

CAT8 is already poping out too

I did test a few 10+ meters SAMZHE cables in the past. Their CAT5E cable (SAMZHE FTP-305) cannot past CAT5E compliance test. Their CAT6A cable passes CAT5E test, but not CAT6A.

SAMZHE? dont believe this BRAND!!


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