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Networking gurus here, I need some help finding a proper cable for my home media streaming and desktop sharing setup.

The hardware is simple and straightforward: 'A' side is a Mac Mini w/ NBASE-T NIC, and 'B' side is a Thunderbolt 3 NBASE-T NIC. Both NICs are based on Aquantia AQC-107 10GbE SoC.

Now the critical part: the interconnection.

I prefer a flat cable as I can just hide it under the carpet, running from my lab to my bedroom, which is ~12m apart including routing length. Thus, I need a 50ft cable.

Theoretically, for under 55m, I should be able to get around with a CAT 6 cable, but I don't know if I will have speed loss.

I tested with a random CAT 6 flat cable at 15ft, and it achieved 9.4Gbps using iperf TCP mode, 10 threads, which is pretty cool.

But for triple the distance, I have no idea what would happen.

Ideally a CAT 6A or higher is better, but it seems like no one is selling true flat CAT 6A+ on Amazon.

So the question: does such flat CAT 6A+ exist? I don't really expect CAT 7, as with RJ45 it won't make any difference. CAT 6A would be totally fine, and if someone tested a CAT 6 can also do 10G at 50ft, I would gladly take that as well.

PS: I know Buffalo has true CAT 6A flat cables, but it's only available in Asia. I'm currently in US, and I need it NOW.

//Edit: title changed from flex to flat. Brain farted.

Is the carpet properly laid and stretched onto smoothedge, that spiky stuff around the edges ?

If so you can run your cable just inside the smoothedge and against the underlay and slot the smoothedge wherever you need to pop it out.
At a pinch you could also place cable between smoothedge and the wall where the smoothedge has an undercut edge and tuck the carpet back down over it then maybe not needing to re-stretch the carpet onto the smoothedge.

Then you can use your preferred cable instead of a flat one.

Don't know what it's worth, but there is that on eBay:

CAT5e should be also fine for that length.

Solid core CAT5e works for 10GBase-T up to about 45m. Patch cables with stranded wires need to be derated. Just saying. ;) Personally I'd go for 10GBase-SR (multimode fiber).


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