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--- Quote from: madires on December 02, 2021, 09:37:39 pm ---Apparently it was an inside job:
Ubiquiti Developer Charged With Extortion, Causing 2020 “Breach”:

--- End quote ---

Finding someone to blame does not surprises me...

What really worries me is how many others disgruntled insiders are out there ?

WTF can anyone trust that their whole life data into this shitty cloud business ?

That worries me..

I think there is already too much (OUR) data under unknown disgruntled hands.


Ubiquiti doesn't like what Brian Krebs wrote about the breach:
They want US$ 350k compensation and at least 75k for trial costs.

I have been seeing such legal threats targeting simple individuals by large corporations and guilds exponentially multiplying  last 5y or so...

Around here several cases of just opinions ( even been protected by constitution )
been target of such "digital-case-seekers"....  sponsored by interests...

Considering last week all router VULNERABILITY affecting major vendors.

This  is just a laugh and a muck for serious people involved in security...

What matters is *IF* the company will actually hold responsible for their products...

What has been seeing by large...  no corporation as of today has been liable for virtually no incident...   zero... nada...

Legal threats will even shut down individuals seeking for better products.. AND SERVICES...

and they keep non liable for the problems...
collecting profits and disregarding best practices


Those security issues are actually a good thing, showing people what kind of risks are involved with all this cloud crap.

Unfortunately, I don't think it has this effect.
Most people have gotten used to security breaches, software bugs, invasion of privacy, and so on. This has become their new "normal".

As to people not having "any critical or valuable information to protect", yeah for the average joe, maybe. But even that is deluded. Probably a large fraction of those average joes store contracts, bills, possibly medical information, possibly information that they do know even own (like stuff from other people) etc, on those cloud services. You tell me if this is not critical information.

This cloud stuff goes hand in hand with subscription-based everything. It makes people forever dependent, and kills the already limited autonomy they had.


--- Quote from: madires on March 30, 2022, 05:28:49 pm ---Ubiquiti doesn't like what Brian Krebs wrote about the breach:
They want US$ 350k compensation and at least 75k for trial costs.

--- End quote ---

That seems like it's a SLAPP lawsuit.


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