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 Bonjour   Have a  very simple website, lunix host, minimal traffic, HTML, shared IP addr,

Cost  up to $300 for 2 years,    for very bad website hosting , SSL cert expirations, zero support.

 Any suggestions, eg GoDaddy, Ionos,  or just as bad?

Domain is a .com, location is USA

many thanks,


Sounds like that would be free, or near at least, on netlify.

Amazon Lightsail starts from $3.5 a month for a VPS (512Mb RAM, 2vCPUs, 20GB SSD, 1Tb outbound transfer per month).  If you want, you get your own static IP plus IPv6 in that too.  Snapshots are available, which can be handy when trying things out..

You can use your SSL certs, or the Bitanmi scripting can sort out free LetsEncrypt SSL certs for things like WordPress hosting.  It can support several Linux distros only or pre-installed with many different apps.

Dead easy to set up and use.

You get three months free at the moment, too, so easy to spin up a machine and try it out.

HTML only?
Shove it on CloudFlare!
Free HTML static site hosting and SSL cert. No need to setup git, just upload a .zip

--- Quote ---Log in to the Cloudflare dashboard and select your account.
In Account Home, select Workers & Pages > Create application > Pages > Upload assets.
Name your project > Create project.
Drag and drop your ZIP file or select it from your computer.
After your files have been uploaded, select Deploy site.
--- End quote ---

You can also transfer your domain there and only pay costs.

Stay far away from GoDaddy and Ionos. They are both horrible companies.



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