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What is the best way to connect wired devices (IP cams) to WIFI


I researched this all morning.  Yuck. Bridges, adpaters, lions and tigers and bears oh my!

I am setting up my home IP camera system and unfortunately I have Reolink Wi-Fi cameras that have crap connectivity.  Even next to the router I get one or two bars.

The problem is not the router or access points.  So I want to use the LAN connector on the cameras to send/receive Wi-Fi.

What device am I looking for and any suggestions on brands for those devices?  And dumping the Reolinks is not a preferred option at this point.  May come to it, but not there yet.


Think the thing your looking for is called a wire.You plug one end into the cameras network connector  and the other into your router.


No, I am not rewiring another house for LAN.  My Wifi distances are about 10 feet!  OneReolink  model camera gets me 5 bars 40 feet from the AP.

I used a VONETS VAR11N-300 WiFi Bridge to connect a wired camera to wifi. Needs a bit of concentration when configuring but once set up worked well. Mostly - with BT Whole Home it would get steered onto the wrong access point for some reason and then throughput was pants. But ensure it connects to the right one and it's fine.

Take no notice of the USB connector - it will take 12V up that cable via a DC plug, or 5V from USB.


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